Our leading-edge workforce automation solution.

Developed to automate and optimize field work activities.

Infinity Field Workforce Management - Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction


Minimize missed appointments.

Improve customer service and satisfaction by fulfilling more customer commitments using real-time scheduling, automation, and workflows.


Provide estimated time of arrival information to customers.

Reduce the number of inbound calls to the utility as well as reduce customer frustration.


Improve first-time fix rates.

Build confidence and credibility with customers by ensuring you have the right technician assigned to work orders with the right information at the right time to avoid repeat visits.

Infinity Field Workforce Management - Effectiveness and productivity

Effectiveness and productivity


Assign work orders based on business rules.

Optimize the workday by assigning work orders based on priorities, resource capabilities, location, and other criteria to increase daily work completed and minimize overtime hours and contract staffing requirements.


Automate rescheduling

Use real-time information to automatically reschedule assignments. Shift from reactive to informed, proactive decision making.


Reduce errors

Decrease errors in the field with real-time data, automation, and the elimination of paper-based processes.

Infinity Field Workforce Management - Operating cost

Operating cost

Improve-operating-and-service margins

Improve operating and service margins

Reduce costs associated with travel time, vehicle emissions and vehicle maintenance.


Reduce field service costs

Use data and insights to complete work orders as efficiently as possible. Optimized scheduling results in greater productivity and lower operating costs.


Eliminate unnecessary operating costs

Get rid of expenses associated with manual processes such as paper, printers, ink cartridges, storage, and postage.

Infinity Field Workforce Management - Additional solutions

Additional solutions


Recognize patterns and solve common problems in the fields

Use our neural network to record meter information such as Register, ERT, Manufacturer and Flow Indicator and verify whether a certain meter is installed where you think it should be based on your existing records. Create specific use cases with our scripting capabilities.


Real-time automatic vehicle location (AVL)

Be alerted to harsh driving behavior such as speeding, fuel and maintenance events, geo-fencing, and many other types of alerts.


Open data up for everyone

Make data exploration feel like second nature for informed decision making using our editable Metabase dashboard.