Our next generation customer information and utility billing system

Designed to empower utilities and positively impact every aspect of your operations.


Customer experience and customer service


Improve first-call resolution

Easily navigate and access key information in Infinity CIS using the expertly designed dashboard-style user interface that employs configurable tiles and customizable layouts. Quickly address customer inquiries and provide service that exceeds expectations.


Provide timely information

Automatically trigger customer communications based on events using workflow rules. Provide important information at exactly the right time to strengthen customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction and trust.


Support multiple working environments

Access Infinity CIS virtually anytime, anywhere, on any device through the browser user interface (83% of workers prefer a hybrid work model).

CIS Infinity - Efficiency and productivity

Efficiency and productivity


Incorporate best practices into your processes

Use Infinity CIS as it was designed and take a best practices approach to managing your processes. Take advantage of the powerful, customizable moves wizard, precise and flexible exception checking, usage quoting and estimating and automated, configurable, rule-based collections processes.


Perform processes faster

Run your key processes faster and more efficiently which supports productivity.


Schedule key processes

Schedule and automate every batch, repetitive customer service or billing function using the Infinity CIS Scheduler.

CIS Infinity - Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility


Transition to a cloud platform

Eliminate hardware and infrastructure costs with the cloud-ready Infinity CIS.


Future-proof your CIS investment

No need to worry about replacing your solution in the future because its underlying technology has become obsolete. Infinity CIS is a 100% C#.NET, 3 tier, 64-bit application that was built using Microsoft development tools.


Meet all your needs without expensive customization

Take advantage of the comprehensive functionality available standard with CIS Infinity. Quickly adapt to changing business requirements using sophisticated configuration tools.


One solution


Build out your solution ecosystem simply and reliably

Infinity CIS easily integrates with third-party applications, and we take the method that is most flexible and applicable to the specific interface requirements. Enhancing our integration ability, is our REST API that further improves integration simplicity, reliability and reduces costs.


Extend beyond core functionality

Infinity CIS offers fully embedded MDM functionality from Harris SmartWorks and fully embedded live GIS functionality.


Complete your CIS solution

Infinity Customer Engagement Portal and Infinity Field Workforce Management complements CIS Infinity to provide one holistic solution for utility operations.