CIS Infinity

Customer Information and Billing Solution

Enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, making business processes more efficient.

Take advantage of the comprehensive functionality, exceptional user experience and flexible configuration tools CIS Infinity offers:

  • Automate repetitive tasks, put paper-based processes online, and improve your revenue stream, all without expensive customization.
  • Access the data and information you need, when you need it, with CIS Infinity’s easy-to-use interface and embedded tools to deliver first-rate customer service.
  • Eliminate budget-breaking, custom coding projects using the sophisticated configuration tools CIS Infinity offers. Change rules, rates and actions easily and quickly as new requirements emerge.


  • Access key information and perform routine functions - all on a single screen.
  • Find customers and accounts quickly using sophisticated filters and search criteria.
  • Tailor the layout of every screen to meet the exact needs of users.
  • Improve first call resolution and customer satisfaction with the information and capabilities available at CSRs fingertips.
  • Handle a wide range of billing processes from simple (e.g. bill cancel and re-bill) to complex (e.g. consolidated bills for large industrial or government clients).
  • Effectively manage your efficiency and conservation programs.
  • Eliminate day-end processing with real-time transactions.
  • Conduct precise and flexible exception checking, usage quoting and estimating.
  • Improve revenue management with automated, configurable, rule-based collections processes.
  • Update accounts in real-time based on collections activity.
  • Automatically quote deposits, set up payment arrangements and loans.
  • Manage multiple types of pre-authorized payment plans with automatic reconciliation.
  • Design, assign, schedule and manage service-based and meter-based service orders.
  • View detailed history by pending status or any other criteria.
  • Automatically issue service orders in response to a variety of events, including billing exceptions and collections activity.
  • Take advantage of five levels of reporting: Advanced Searches, Standard Reports, Modified Standard Reports, Utility Specific Reports and Shared Reports.
  • Create reports easily with the embedded report builder.
  • Run reports on an ad-hoc, scheduled one-time or recurring basis.
  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Create virtually unlimited straightforward and complex rate configurations (e.g. Water Budget, Time of Use Billing, Net Metering, Demand Racheting, etc.).
  • Pro-rate by service, bill type (e.g. final vs. regular bill), event type (e.g. meter change vs. rate change), or even at the rate element level.
  • Take full control over your rate structure, even its most complex elements, without any customizing.

Technical Details

  • 100% C#.NET, 64-bit application built using Microsoft development tools.
  • Supports SQL Server or Oracle.
  • Supports high availability and virtualized environments.
  • Supports hosted or cloud environment deployment.
  • Modern architecture results in proven reliability and the skill sets required to maintain the system are easy to find and easy to learn.
  • Reduce manual processes and improve operational efficiencies.
  • Automate any combination of: e-mails or letters to customers; service orders; financial transactions; messages on bills; tasks assigned to other users or departments; notes on customers’ accounts, key customer comments (e.g. cash only), and more through workflow (“actions”).
  • Generate actions for an individual customer or a selected group of customers using powerful user-defined criteria.
  • Meet your specific business requirements through configuration, not hard coding.
  • Configure all business rules, rates and automation using CIS Infinity’s sophisticated configuration tools.
  • Quickly adapt to changing business needs with CIS Infinity.
  • Share information seamlessly with your other key applications by leveraging CIS Infinity’s modern, real-time, bidirectional integration capabilities.
  • Take advantage of our expertise in applying the most flexible and applicable method to specific integration requirements.
  • Access all CIS logic via our RESTful API technology.
  • Schedule and automate every batch, repetitive customer service or billing function using the CIS Infinity Scheduler.
  • Run any process on an ad-hoc basis or through the CIS Infinity Scheduler - either at a specified time or automatically based on a specified schedule.
  • Put unused hardware capacity to good use so staff can focus on frontline priority issues instead of routine tasks.
  • Apply a comprehensive role-based security model to all components of CIS Infinity, both at the user interface and API level.
  • Secure any item in CIS Infinity, including options available from dropdown lists.
  • Audit and track changes made by a user or a process to any table or field.